Exams and Cleaning

Routine Teeth Cleaning Services and Dental Examinations

Regular teeth cleaning and dental exams are important parts of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people don't go to the dentist nearly often enough. Do you make regular dental exams a part of your oral hygiene practice, or are you new to the Payson area? If not, schedule a dental cleaning and examination with Anderson Dental, the Payson, Arizona practice of choice for kids, adults and seniors.

Dental exam scheduled on a calendar

The American Dental Association advises getting a cleaning every six months to maintain your whitest, healthiest smile. At a dental check up, our hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth and examine them for soft spots and other signs of decay. Because decay often occurs with no physical symptoms and treating cavities and infections is easier done early, more regular visits prevent a variety of uncomfortable procedures.

At your check up, we will x-ray your teeth using the latest technology and examine the results for infection and weakness. We will assess the health of your gums and bite as well as your neck and head. If warranted, following the cleaning and review we will advise and schedule follow-up work.

It's Never Too Late to Visit the Dentist

Even if you haven’t been to the dentist for several years, don't worry. Our gentle and effective professionals will help you get the treatment you need quickly and more comfortably. The important thing is to get to the dentist as soon as possible so you can establish a record of regular visits and treat any issues quickly. Don't wait until something hurts; schedule an appointment instead — before a simple cavity turns into a root canal. We will give you a thorough dental examination and teeth cleaning and provide you with anesthetic if necessary so your visit is as stress-free as possible.

Call the Payson, AZ office of Anderson Dental at 928-474-4581 and get back your confident smile, starting today!