Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment and Tooth Extractions

No one better understands the anxiety that oral surgery causes, - especially root canal surgery. Even longed-for smile correction surgery can make the most enthusiastic patient worried on appointment day. The good news is, at the Payson, Arizona practice of Anderson Dental, we make dental surgical procedures such as root canals and extractions easier to manage with gentle and effective treatment.

Root Canals in Payson, AZ

Inside every tooth is a space called a root canal. The root canal contains pulp and the tooth's nerve, which is not necessary for the tooth's health. When the nerve or the pulp sustain damage, bacteria begin multiplying, causing an infection. During the procedure, our dentist will drill a small entry hole in your tooth, remove pulp, nerve tissue, and the bacteria, then seal the tooth. Those who have an infection requiring medicine will have the tooth sealed later, a process that takes about a week. Although the term "root canal" causes tremendous apprehension in many new patients, the procedure often passes by relatively painlessly. If the dentist notices a severe infection, then he may perform an emergency root canal to eliminate the bacteria and damaged tooth material on the spot. In certain instances, the dentist may build a crown to further protect the weakened tooth from breaking.

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